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Photography is really the art of visual storytelling. It is quite simple in concept what I do for you. I take pictures and then tell your amazing story with the pictures. The magic is how I take the pictures and then arrange them to tell the story. A good story has emotion that reaches out and grabs your attention. Anyone can take a snapshot but it takes an artist like myself to pull out the emotion of your story and capture it for the picture.

I closely work with you to find the story you want to tell and how you want it to be told. The story can be a life event such as a wedding or a once in a life time gathering of the clans. It can be a product that you want to sell with certain feelings or memories evoked by it. It can be as simple as a headshot where you want to tell the story that you can be that one person for the role. Photography is not just pressing a button or applying some effect in photoshop, it is much more than that. I look forward to talking to you about your own story.

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Education or in the original Latin, educere, means to 'lead out' or 'bring up'. I take this seriously with the idea that you can lead someone to be better than what they were by teaching.

With photography, all roads start at the fundamentals of photography. These fundamentals may not be very glamorous and they might seem to be "beneath me" as a professional photographer but I love to teach them. I teach them in person during classes I offer, I teach them via blog posts on my website and I teach them in book format with some new books I'm publishing.

I also love to teach how to be creative with your photography. How to shoot well even though everyone around you says the light is bad. How to shoot creatively with a camera phone like the iPhone. How to shoot at any time with any camera and get amazing images. These classes is what excites me to teach.
I teach formal classes, I have books and I will put together custom classes as requested.

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At Michael Sweeney Media, I produce different types of visual media. The visual media can be ebooks, ePubs, Interactive PDFs, Videos, Slide shows, training clips and more. In today's visually oriented and interactive world, multimedia is king. Producing effective multimedia is not just slapping a few still images into a slide show. To do it well involves telling the story with visual art, timing, music, dialog and a strong presentation.

Here is a short video clip on using Snapseed on an iPhone to process images. While simple in concept, I have the correct visual (iPhone screen), real app, good audio and reasonable timing for a demo.

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  • Check out my new iPhone Photography eBook. How to Create Amazing iPhone Photographs

  • What is old is new again and vintage is the new cool. Check out our packages for a vintage themed session. We have the props and lighting for a very special treat!

  • Slideshows are a great way to show off your event to friends and family. We provide quality multimedia shows. Ask about our package deals

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