Tips for Group Pictures

Pay Attention to Your Colors

Please do not arrive to your group photo shoot wearing clashing colors and strips. A good tip is for each member of the party to bring a couple of different shirts, sweaters, dresses or jackets so we can mix and match as needed during the session.

Pay Attention to Your Hygiene

When you have a large group standing very close to each other, you want to make sure you and everyone else has taken a bit of time to clean up before hand.

Glasses are No Problem

Often times members of the group will have glasses and we want minimize the glare or reflections. A simple trick is for all members of the group to stay still while the owner of the glasses will remove them without moving their head. We will take a second shot and then merge them in post production.

Do Plan on Having FUN

Please remember that being silly, playing, laughing and letting go is perfectly acceptable and will help make the entire event and pictures memorable. Make your family/group photo session a fun event, something to look forward to. Feel free to bring silly props – stuff like fake mustaches, funky glasses, balloons or even some bubble gum for a bubble blowing contest. Aside from looking way too cute in photos, props also serve a very useful purpose. They keep little hands busy, fill in time while siblings are being photographed and help to draw out real, warm and genuine smiles.