Textures adds life to your pictures

Warning. This is a very SHORT post.. of course, that might not be a bad thing 🙂

One of the things a photographer can use to make an image something special from just another average picture, is the use of textures in the development of the image. A good choice of texture can really add something to an image. It can add that something special to really make an image pop or look “grungy” or just add some very cool visual interest.

There are a wealth of textures on Flickr for free under the CC (Creative Commons) copyright.
Old Film
Grungy walls
Sticky Tape

You can find a nice tutorial on Flickr by Ayush.Bhandari
Photoshop Texture Tutorial

Here are 25 different tutorials on using Textures in Photoshop. You get the normal surface texture but cool ones like using textures with a displacement mask, making grunge style textures and more
25 Tutorials

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  1. Jennifer November 15, 2011 at 1:37 pm #

    Hi, Mike.
    Searched your blog but didn’t see the answer to this:
    if someone wanted to learn how to use photoshop, what’s the best way to do learn? Go take classes at a university? Formal online classes? (like lynda.com) Books? DVD tutorials? Something else?
    Any suggestions for any of them?

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