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Amanda’s Graduation Video

I feel old this last week. Why? Because my oldest graduated from college!!  I’m very proud of her and her accomplishments along the way to this day. She started in California at Chapman College then decided to change majors and move to Connecticut to attend Wesleyan University. That was a bit of a shock but she was able to get in and after a year, she was accepted to Oxford for a year long program. So she moved to the UK for a year, did really well and then came back to finish up at Wesleyan .

So graduation was in May and my wife and I flew back to be there and to attend the various speaking events she was a speaker at plus the actual graduation. It was a very interesting trip for me to watch and remember how Amanda evolved from a student just out of high school into a very confident and mature young woman.

So in celebration of her accomplishments, I put together a short slide show using music from her favorite show Glee and images I shot over the weekend.

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