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Shadow Boxes and Simple Views

I’ve been toying around with the blog trying out some different plug ins and tools. One that I really love is a widget built into CS4 called “Zoomify”. You can buy it but a simple version is included in CS4. I also love “Shadowbox” which gives a nice semi-transparent black background for displayed images. My new best friend is called “Simpleviewer” which gives a way to have a single image anchor a flash or other type of slide show in the shadowbox.

Here is a sample post of my family decorating our Christmas tree with the slide show made in CS4 using the Simpleviewer script in Photoshop. You could make the slide show in Lightroom and use Shadowbox also and I plan to put together a demo of that also in a different post.

This is a very cool way to gen up a slide show of the newest wedding shoot or other shoot without making your blog run pages in length.

Where did I find all of this information? Well, my buddies over at Kelby Training have a new online session with RC (Rafael Concepcion) on setting up WordPress for photographers. Actually, there are two of them and I went straight to the 2nd one which has all of this information plus more. If you want to learn it fast, spend the twenty bucks for a months subscription and watch it a couple of times. Well worth the money.And there are alot more there to watch.. I’m just warning you 🙂 I have a yearly subscription myself so I get nothing out of recommending them other than a warm fuzzy for helping you.

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