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Long Lost Battery

Damn Lithium batteries are expensive for any laptop but more so for the Mac. So I had a battery die on me a year ago. So whats the story you ask? Well, I had tried to get the battery rebuilt by a company that specializes in such matters and the cost would have been about half of a normal replacement with more juice as a bonus. 

I sent my 80 dollar payment to batteryrefill.com via PayPal (who turned out to be useless) and they sent me a prepaid address via email. I shipped my battery for my Macbook Pro off to them and waited. And waited.. and waited. I sent several emails to them, a few phones calls and the story was “the cells were backordered, the techs are back logged” etc..etc. So after waiting 3 months or so, I went to PayPal to get my money back and they blew me off. I waited “too long” to file a claim and they could care less that I was trying to work with the vendor first. First lesson? Dont use PayPal, my normal credit cards do not have a problem with me disputing a non-delivered  item. After 6 months of hounding them, I gave up and wrote off my 80 bucks as a sad lesson and just spread the word that I was ripped off.

So imagine my surprise almost a year to the day when I get an email saying my battery has been shipped. Huh? Sure enough a battery shows up today and it looks like a brand new Apple battery. No marks of any kind to tell me it’s been apart and the apple stickers are still intact on some of the seams. It’s not MY battery since my battery had some pry marks where I almost took it apart on my own. 

So what the heck is going on? an attack of conscious on someone’s part? A rebuild or just a rebadge new battery? No idea. I’m charging it now to see if it works at all. If it works, I happy to finally have gotten a new battery but I’m annoyed that it took an entire YEAR without any communication from the vendor.

Edit: So here what I have learned so far. After testing and even calibrating the battery, it would only last 1.5 hours and showed about 3500mAh of battery capacity. I thought it felt light when I swapped them so I weighed it. The normal pack weighs 16 oz and this one weights 11. So there is a five oz difference. Now I looked up the part number and it I think what I have is a knock off of the original battery pack for the original MBPs. This pack has the right P/N but is missing the apple logo. But the P/N is for the OLD batteries that were recalled months ago. Maybe batteryrefill.com got a deal on NOS batteries that were supposed to be scrapped out.

So while I got a battery for my 80 dollars, I did not get 80 dollars worth of battery, I got about 20 dollars worth and even then, it’s questionable to how safe the damn thing is.

Do NOT use batteryrefill.com and use my experience with them as a warning.

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