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Jack Black and RSN Teen Prom

I can spill the beans now. I was able to shoot a charity event on Sunday where the guest of honor was Jack Black. The RSN Renal Teen Prom was held at Nortre Dame High School in Sherman Oaks and was an event for teens and guests who are in treatment for things like kidney transplants and dialysis. Virtually everything is donated to make this prom work out for the kids from the dresses to the sets, lighting, food and in my case, the photography.

The kids went nuts when Jack came out unannounced into the party about half way through. He was very gracious, signed a boatload of autographs and sang for the kids. Pretty cool of Jack to do this.

You can find out more at Renal Support Network

The calm before the storm Redo anyone? Lori Hartwell - Founder of RSN Teen Prom Everybody Dance! Lights, Camera and Action Jack Black getting primed for the onslaught Jack Black giving teens autographs Jack's Masquerade Mask

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