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Fourth of July Block Party

I’m fortunate to live on a street where the neighbors all get along and almost every weekend, we have a pot luck “block party” since nobody likes to cook or be inside on a hot summer night. On major holidays we kick it up a notch and have friends and family come by for the party. Several years ago, I could easily stand everyone on the sidewalk and do the “say cheese” thing. This year was a bit different, I had to get on a 10 foot ladder and use a 12mm lens to get everybody into the frame.

We had bounce houses, water slides, donut eating contests, face painting, junk food and tacos. And of course, we had our “show” at the end of the day so nobody had to drive anywhere to see fireworks.

Most of the images were shot with a single bare flash on the camera. There is a long story as to why but suffice to say I did it to prove a point to some friends. So just sit back and enjoy the images of this 4th of july at “Club Leeds”.


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