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Clouds are cool, they float around mostly unnoticed by many of us but they are very interesting. All kinds of shapes, sizes, moods and lighting. Clouds can really set a mood in a picture by adding some dynamics to a plain sky or drama when the clouds are dark, backlit or just plain old threatening. So what is a photographer to do? Take pictures of course! I keep a older Canon SD500 which has been hacked to shoot raw with me all the time in my truck and most times, on my person. When I see interesting clouds in the sky, I snap a few pictures and add them to my collection of clouds to use as backdrops, sky replacements, sky enhancements and textures. After several months, I have a very interesting collection of clouds with all kinds of shapes, lighting and sizes. Even in CA we have clouds even if we dont get much rain.

This shot was taken with with my Canon at 6AM outside my front door. I can use it in all kinds of images to add visual images. While this is not taken with a state of the art megapixel camera, it is a five megapixel shot and perfectly usable image for textures or background.

So remember to enjoy looking up in the sky and remember to take a few snaps, you never know when they could be useful to you in your photography

Morning Clouds

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