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We dont bounce as well as we used to

OK, not so much photography except my plate removal surgery ruined my chance of playing in the worldwidephotowalk this year šŸ™ Ā I really thought yesterday I could muscle through it today for a two hour walk, even got the Doc to change out the dressings on Friday instead of waiting till Monday. That was till I could not get to sleep till 1am and even then, very strange dreams. Ever since the surgery, my sleep has been bad, not restful at all.

So whats a person to do? Play with Lightroom of course šŸ™‚ Ā I had a “gallery show” coming up at a local coffee house Ā called:

Chapman Coffee House

505 N Glassell Street
Orange,Ā CAĀ 92867

Nice plan, good coffee and good rice balls (???) Ā No, I’m not telling the story, you gotta go there to get it.

Back to Lightroom, I found out I was not able to sort on images that are “broken” or in other words, LR is unable to find the original image. It would be the same thing as putting the images on a removable drive and then removing it after importing the images. You can see them but not edit them in LR. Seems to me to be a bit of an oversight.

Other fun news is that Ā the Kodak Zi6 pocket “Flip type” of video recorder actually works pretty well. At least for 120 bucks it does well and yes, even in HD 720. It needs imageĀ stabilizationĀ in a bad way but maybe next time. Rechargable batteries work but not for long. The device isĀ sensitiveĀ to the 1.2 volts dropping much below that. The normalĀ alkalineĀ batteries at 1.5 volts will last a considerable amount of time longer.

Other news? Ā I dumped Backblaze as a backup solution. Its Mac application went stupid too many times and when it does, I have to reboot AND almost always have to spend time repairing permissions and whatnot since it’s a power off, Ā not a clean reboot. So I canceled my account and nobody there seemed to care enough to even send a form letter. I keep telling people that the Amazon S3 services is the best bet and after 2 years, nobody has done it better yet.

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