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Ah, memories, learning about IF trigger then DO something programming logic. No, I’m going to start talking about programming here but, there is a cool web service called IFTTT which lets you use “recipes” to accomplish stuff on the internet. For this post, I will talk about how IFTTT watches my Instagram stream every 15 minutes and IF it sees a new picture, it will copy the image to my dropbox account for safekeeping.
You could also post to Flickr and do quite a bit else. There is an app available for the iPhone here or for Android. You can do things like “if my phone goes to this geo-location” send text to my wife that I’m on my way home. Or send a text message to the caller that you will call them back later. And much more.

To get started, you need to set up an account at IFTTT.

Then you can start creating recipes here like this:
create recipe

Even though you don’t see the rest of the choices, there are many more below the four shown here such as triggers for Gmail, Evernote, Facebook, IOS location, Digg, ESPN, eBay and tons more. You take a trigger which is the “IF” and then you add the “DO THIS”. So in the case of mine recipe, I want to trigger on new pictures in my Instagram stream and then I want to copy them to my dropbox. The recipe looks like something like this

if then dropbox


This will run every 15 mins and check my Instagram stream and make a copy if it’s new. That is a pretty painless way to make sure I have a backup of my Instagram images.  You can sign up for a daily recipe which is cool way to see how and what other folks have come up with.


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