Skin Care Tips

Pay Attention to Your Diet

You should drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated which keeps wrinkles and bags down to a miminum. Please avoid salty foods since the salt can easily cause water retention. Also, avoid greasy, fattening and spicy foods, as these cause bloating and upset your stomach. It’s hard to smile when your stomach is doing upside flips. DO NOT DRINK alcohol and stay away from foods or beverages that may discolor teeth, like coffee or red wine. You can drink all you want AFTER we finish up your session.


It sounds trite but get plenty of sleep on the night before your photo shoot to avoid the dark circles, pale skin and tiredness caused by a lack of sleep. But taking drugs to aid in sleep causes issues too with you dragging around and the droopy eye look.

No New Makeup

Please stay away from new makeup and skin care products just before a photo shoot. You could be in for a very unwanted surprise by having a reaction to these new experiments. Just bring what you know works for you. Or do what we suggest and splurge on yourself a bit and hire a professional Make Up Artist (MUA) who will be using professional make up and knows exactly how to apply to the best effect.

Polish up Those Nails

Trust me when I say you will want your nails to look their best for the photo session. This also falls under the heading of spoiling yourself before the shoot and get a complete manicure and pedicure the night before.

Wax Goes On the CAR!

Without using wax, remove any body hair you don’t want to show in your photos. Using wax a day or two before the shoot is a sure way to have red skin in unwanted places when you go to the session

How To Looked Good (Not Just) Naked

For artistic nude sessions, boudoir sessions and maternity sessions, I do not expect you to look perfect and you should not have to alter your own appearance to look good. The very best photographs are made when you are yourself.

Please, please, (Did I say PLEASE?) DO NOT schedule a shoot when you have just come back from the beach. Your suntan may be too deep (or worse, sunburn), you may have tan lines or bright marks around your eyes from wearing sunglasses.

Any session where you will be showing large amounts of skin, you should Wear loose fitting clothes or no underwear/bra for at least two hours before the shoot to prevent marks from elastics showing. While Photoshop can do amazing things, there are limits and the pocket book only goes so far.

Facial hair

Men, freshly shave with a new razor, quality shaving cream and a moisturizing after-shave lotion to avoid bumps and redness. Please trim your beard, sideburns, moustache or goatee, and spend some time looking for wiry stray hairs. Ladies, even if you have some light facial hair (particularly around your lip or chin), indulge in a waxing a week in advance of your shoot. The even barely-there light facial hair will be noticeable in your photos with the high resolution cameras I shoot with. Men and women both, pluck and clean up those eyebrows.