Serra Plaza Wedding Venue

I recently attended a “Photographer Shootout” at a beautiful venue in San Juan Capistrano called “Serra Plaza”. We had models and props which allowed us, the photographers, a chance to shoot this new venue as practice before we book clients there. It’s a gorgeous venue in the spanish style of architecture for a smaller wedding. The late evening washes the building in the amazing California golden light which works really well with the earth tones of the facility. There are all kinds of nooks and crannies for those awesome art shots. There are stairs, rooms, walls, floors and covered passages all with beautiful details and art that help make for gorgeous pictures.

Bride and Groom at Serra Plaza Wedding Venue
Bride at Serra Plaza
In the slide show below, I have a sample of wedding styled images and portraits that I shot at Serra Plaza over the course of a full day. I think it really shows off what the facility can offer the client and the photographer as part of the image making process called photography.

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