Our Media Products

There is quite a bit of confusion about printed products and what does “electronic” product really mean to everyone. I will explain what I mean and what you will get when you purchase these products from Michael Sweeney Media.

Printed Product

This the traditional printed product such as 5×7 prints or 8×10 prints that we all know and love. Your prints are made at one of the biggest professional labs called Millers which sells to professional photographers. They use the best paper and ink available and will color correct the prints so they are accurate each and every time they are printed. This can not be said for the “big box” stores which are cheaper but offer a significantly inferior product. I always suggest to my clients that if the prints are “snapshots” then by all means, use a cheap printer. But, if they are intended as quality wall art, gifts, mementos or family heirlooms, then get the highest quality you can.

Canvas Prints

These are not really a “print” and they are not “canvas” but they are a digital image printed directly onto a canvas like material then wrapped around a wooden frame and stapled tight. My canvas prints come from a lab in Las Vegas that does some of the best work in the industry with high quality printing, canvas, hardwood stretcher frames, Tyvek backing paper and strong wire hanger already attached. This quality is perfect for wall art in your home or business or for an heirloom gift to the family.


This novel product answers the call for electronic versions of images for my clients. This custom application is perfect on your smartphone and allows you to easily share the complete album or just select images on Facebook, Pinterest and other social media. The files are exactly the ones you want and will be kept on our servers for two years. I can offer custom StickyAlbums where you can add or delete images for an entire year so your images are always fresh and ready to show off.

Photo Albums

Our photo albums are not your mom’s photo albums with glued down corner mounts or “magnetic” sticky plastic pages. Our albums are custom designed layouts and printed on the highest quality photographic pages then bound with leather covers and backs. These albums are perfectly  suitable to be placed in a place of honor in your home or business. The leather and thick pages exude quality and level of sophistication that is hard to find in today’s throw away world.  These albums are printed by one of the best printers in the industry.