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So I have my first “Gallery” showing at a local coffee house. If you are around, drop by Chapman Coffee House in Orange next to Chapman College on Glassell and Walnut.

Its much more of a “show your art and help decorate the walls” but I’ll take it. For the printing, I used MPIX for the first time. I have used Bay Photo in the past and have been very happy with them but MPIX has a metallic paper that just sounded too cool not to try.

I exported about twenty images out of Lightroom and uploaded them to MPIX. The Java loader is very easy to use and unlike the POS loader that Facebook uses, it does not seem to mind if I use FLickr images as a source file or not. I made a gallery and picked out my images for standoffs and metallic paper. I did all this at 4:30AM and placed my order. By 5pm the next day, I had ALL my prints in my hands. And the metallic paper is gorgeous with the right images. You need saturated colors and strong images since the paper is very reflective with a sheen to it when it hits the light. A friend looking at the images said they had almost a 3d look to them which is true.

The quality of the prints was very good but they trimmed off some of the prints which cost me my signature line on some images. Even with the print sized specifically for the 10×10 or 8×12 etc, they oversize the print slightly. Lesson learned. I wish MPIX tied into SmugBug so I could offer the metallic paper to customers without my having to use MPIX’s ROES. Maybe someday.

So in a nutshell, MPIX has killer paper with a super delivery time and decent prices. The QA was ok, a couple of my standoffs were dinged and I wish they made it VERY clear to how is trimmed for the bleed but they are small complaints.

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