NY Times Approves of Theft

OK, maybe not but it’s odd that a newspaper like the NY Times would approve a column that advocated the theft of intellectual property. To be specific, some dimwit called “Sonia Zjawinski” wrote a piece in the NY Times describing how she would search Flickr for art, download it, print and hang it in her home. 

You can read the original post here: http://gadgetwise.blogs.nytimes.com/2009/06/24/flickr-as-an-interior-decorator-tool/

It’s a astounding to me that A: A writer would embrace theft and encourage her readers to do the same and B: that a supposedly reputable newspaper such as the NY Times would approve the publishing of such crap. 

She wrote a 2nd piece about the legal side but never did say she was sorry for misleading the public or that she was sorry that she misunderstood what her rights are and what the photographers rights are. Just because it’s on the internet does NOT make it fair game for anyone to use anyway they wish. Her lack of remorse shows much more about her own feelings and personal image than what she wrote.

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