London Calling

So I’m over in jolly old England for a bit wandering around the countryside with a new toy, a Canon G11. The choice of Canon over my normal Nikon is in large part to Nikon’s refusal to offer a real camera in a point and shot format like Canon does. It’s a bit bulky and the controls are hell to use when shooting vertical but it can do some amazing things. Like sync to my Nikon SB800s using my Cybersyncs and shoot at 1/2000 shutter. Up to now, the only camera I have that could do that is my old D70s. And to be honest, the quality of the two are very close.

Which leads to my biggest complaints about the Canon. The noise even at ISO 200 stinks. At ISO 800, I *MUST* use noise reduction software to get a clean image. And it’s soft, even manually focused and shooting JPEG, the image is noticeably soft. It cleans up with a high pass filter but that is just another step to do and for it to be very effective, I have to shoot RAW which in itself is not a big deal.

The wide angle has distortion to beat the band, it’s very bad compared to my D300 with a 12-24 F4 piece of glass. (go figure!) But the Macro ROCKS!! You can get the camera to where the lens is almost touching the object of interest and focus on it.

The manual settings are pretty easy to use but the selector button and wheel cause no end of grief when shooting vertical. My thumb goes right onto the stupid button and more than a few times I have changed my selection from ISO to F stop by mistake. Stupid design.

But, it’s a dream to carry around vs. the big camera since nobody views you as a “pro” with a point and shoot so very little hassles take place in areas like museums. The IS makes up for the lack of a tripod and does a pretty good job of it.

I’m not sure if I’m going to keep the camera, at 450 USD, I was expecting better performance in sharpness and noise but we will see.

Here are some samples from the camera. Yes, they have been processed but not really much more than any other image I shoot.
Amanda Oxford Portrait
This was a natural light portrait taken in an alley in Oxford.

Stairs of Light

This B/W was taken by shooting two images at slightly different times to paint out the vistors and then flipped to B/W and dressed up with curves and transforms.

Amanda at Oxford

This was taken with hard light from the late afternoon and the built in flash dialed down two stops.

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