iPhone Rocky

Olivia as a boxer gritty light

This was taken with a handheld iPhone 4S. I used a 60 dollar 300LED video light that also was handheld by the 6 year old sister on camera left and just a bit higher than eyeliner. You can see it in the catchlight. The LED light was about two feet away and bare. The background is about one foot away and is a piece of black polar plus I bought as surplus from the local sewing shop. The polar plus does not reflect light very much, in fact it works almost as good as felt curtains but lighter and cheaper.

My post processing was Lightroom 5 with the clarity way up to get that gritty look and I also over sharpened it some. I did some basic adjustments for color and then faded out the yellows and oranges by lower the saturation a bit. There was a hot spot on the forehead from the light being bare and so close so I used CS6 and my Wacom to “paint” in that hot spot with color sampled from the nearby skin.

This image was not an accident. I had thought about it all the way home from the office, pre visualizing the positions, the lighting, the look I wanted. So my set up and taking of the image took less than 10 mins. Post was about 10 more mins. Smartphones are VERY capable cameras when you work within and push the limits carefully.

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