iPhone can do it

Monorail Controls, originally uploaded by wybnormal.

I get really tired of being told that the only reason I can take “good” pictures is that I use expensive cameras. So every now and then, I intentional take a point and shoot or my cell phone camera to my favorite site to shoot, Disneyland. You can find ANY kind of shooting you want there, fast, slow, dark, bright, people, places and things.

In this case, I was in the front of the Monorail with the kids and just the iPhone. With a couple of simple tricks and honoring the limitations of the camera, I was able to get several very usable images of the kids, the Monorail and the castmember pilot.

More and more established photographers are doing the same thing using their iPhone as an extension of their creativeness. It’s not the hardware that makes a good picture, it’s the person using the hardware. A bad picture with a 5,000 camera is just as bad as one made with a disposable point and shoot. Maybe sharper and color balanced but still bad.

And I have to say that shooting with the iPhone and not the 10 lbs of D300 and F2.8 lens is very liberating in some ways. The iPhone has a fixed lens, no flash, no VR and no finesse.  What you see is what you get IF you are lucky and know how to work with the limits in place OR how to bend the limits. Turns out things like borrowing a friend in a white T shirt to reflect some light works just as well with the iPhone as it does with the DSLR. Holding a polarizing sunglass lens in the front of the iPhone lens can work pretty well also. So stretch out your skills and imagination and use a cheap camera and see just what you can do with it.

What ever you do, dont blame the equipment, it is rarely at fault.

Monorail Pilot, originally uploaded by wybnormal.

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