Have preset, will travel

I love Lightroom.. after waffling between Aperture and Lightroom when both came out a few years back, I committed to Lightroom in the end. While it’s been a bit rocky (their database recovery just plain sucks), I love how the program integrates into Photoshop and lets me most of the grunt work before I get into Photoshop.

The one thing so far that drives me just nuts is that when you export a collection of images as a new catalog, Lightroom does NOT export the presets you used with the original database. I found this out the hard way when I exported a collection for a road trip, opened them on the road and all my custom presets were not there. This was most irritating as one can imagine.

To fix this strange oversight by Adobe (but I can understand it in a way, when you export for a client, they do not get the presets or should not), you can easily fix it by going to preference menu and click on the presets tab. You will see a tick box that is off by default and controls if the presets will be stored with the catalogs. Tick it ON and your presets will be copied to all new exported catalogs.

You can always copy the presets by taking a copy of the Lightroom presets folder and replacing the Lightroom folder on the target machine. An easy way to get the folder while still on the preference pane, you can click a button that will show the folder.

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