First Communion at Saint Norbert, Orange CA

A friend asked if I would shoot their daughter’s first communion at Saint Norbert which is a local Catholic church here in the city of Orange,  and of course, my answer was I’d be happy to. It was a smaller church and no flash allowed during the ceremony. Also, a local photographer had been hired by the church so I had to be careful not to step on toes and cause problems. But my F2.8 70-200mm zoom made short work of being in the back. I also shot some family pictures at the house when we were done at the church. The trick was to treat this much like I would a wedding with formal shots before the church service, shooting during the service like  wedding and taking detail shots, fill shots and more while getting the family shots.

In the end I delivered two dozen images plus a slide show to my friend. The side show was first shown using a Epson projector so the images were about 7 feet wide!!  Impressive to say the least. I did a second showing using my iPad which works very well for this sort of thing.

Here is the slide show I produced for the family.

Here are some of the stills that I used in the slide show and showed to the family.


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