Disneyland Photowalk in October

So Scott Kelby is having the 4th annual photowalk on Oct 1, 2011 and in the spirit of that event, I am a leader for a photowalk at Disneyland. Why Disneyland? because it offers a way to involve the entire family in a photography event. Too often I find myself at some shoot or another without anyone from my family.  The kids are too young, it would require babysitters for my wife to tag along and truthfully, she would be lost at some of the events I go to.

So with the photowalk at Disneyland, we will be starting the walk at 8AM when the park opens and ending the official walk at 11AM which is just in time to grab a bite, meet up with the family and continue on the day at Disneyland, possibly with new friends.
Cotton Candy Face by Canon Point and Shoot
You can sign up here for my walk. You will need a season pass OR you need to get your tickets ahead of time. We will be meeting at the Compass Book store and cafe then walking into the park on Main Street.

All levesl of photographers are welcome to come but I can tell you from experience to leave the big zooms at home. Most times you will be shooting somewhere from 11mm to about 100mm. My favorite lens on a crop sensor body is the cheap 18-55mm VR nikon lens. If I feel ambitious, I will shoot with my D300 and my 17-55mm F2.8 lens which works out to be about an 80mm lens due to the 1.5x factor. The 70-200mm F2.8 is rarely out of the bag and tends to draw too much attention. If you want to go light, then just bring a 50mm lens and use your feet to “zoom” 🙂




Disneyland E TicketEnjoying Big Thunder Mountain

Disneyland Classic Star Tours Trifecta


Riding the Rockets

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