Dare to Think Differently

It’s that time again, holidays, Christmas shopping, Black day, Cyberday sales AND… Christmas Cards!! Oh yeas.. time to gather the family around the tree for the obligatory happy picture. Did you catch the sarcasm there? Christmas portraits always seems to bring out the worst in the families. Nobody wants to get dressed up, nobody wants their picture taken with the glued on fake smile and nobody wants to have a last memory of it.

So what to do? Change it up!! Be Different!!! Nobody says that the picture has to look like everyone else’s picture. The rules do not say only red and black clothes are allowed. So give yourself a bit of permission to be different, to think different and to act different.

Here is our Christmas card to everyone else this year. Enjoy!!! And please, have a fun and happy holiday season. Life is fragile and life is short, don’t waste it.

If you like what I did for my own family, call me and set up a session for your own family 🙂 We will find the perfect way to get that different portrait for your own family card.

Merry Christmas from the Sweeneys and Apple

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