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So being overweight has a way of sneaking up on you. You used to be able to see your toes looking straight down and then suddenly, you cannot but you are late for work and so you tell yourself, “I’ll deal with this later” But later never really comes. You end up distracted by the end of the day, beer or wine in hand and on the couch or in my case, the local fast food joint because the kids ended soccer practice late and everyone is hungry.  What prompted this experiment into weight loss ( this will tie into your smartphone, I promise ) is when my blood sugar began to really give me issues to the point I had to stick myself a few times a day to measure it and work out the issue. Two years ago I had run a 1/2 marathon reasonably well, ran 4 to 6 miles a day and weighed 195lbs which was still heavy for my 5-8 frame but I was “healthy” running .. sure.. there is one of the big health lies. Two years later with some back injuries, a fractured foot and “life”, I had not been able to run or really even walk much. I went up to 205lbs and was really feeling it. My back constantly hurt, my blood pressure was up to 145, my feet would swell by the end of the day and I felt fat. The tricky part for me is being broad, I carried the weight pretty well so most folks didn’t notice it. I did and I didn’t like it at all.

I had a friend of mine at work tell me about his own experience using something called “The Keto Diet” and I did some research and decided that it might work for me. I had to do something and this was pretty easy to start. I had dabbled with Atkins some years ago but didn’t get a good response from it. So I did my homework on Keto and  I got the iPhone version of Carb Manager. I also bought the premium upgrade so I could marry my FitBit ( now apple watch) to it. The app is way easy to use to track your carb input, fat , water, calories and more. It has a database to track blood pressure, weight  and much more. A plus is the ability to offer up keto friendly recipes and build shopping lists from the recipes. The success of being on Keto pretty much requires you to have some way to track ALL of your food.  The app runs constantly on my phone and it does require an internet connection. If you do not have coverage, the app doesn’t work which is a bit annoying but 99% of the time I have coverage or wifi. And being on my phone, I have made it a habit that when I eat, I key in the data. Right then. Not later, not that night, right then.  Trust me, getting in that habit is crucial to your success by seeing right away the carb count of the day. It will let you “reward” yourself if you know that you have small /large amount of “free carbs” at the moment 🙂  My reward is to be very careful for the day and then I have 15 grams or so available at night for popcorn 🙂  I’ve sworn off candy completely after seeing in Carb Manager how many carbs there are in even a small piece of candy. That is a cool thing about this app, immediate knowledge of carb counts so I can make snap decisions as to my diet choices at the market or standing in line at The Habit..

I have screen shots below from Carb Manager and you can see from them that the app is very comprehensive in what it can track and suggest. It can track blood sugar, blood pressure, weight, steps, food and more. It can offer up recipes that are carb friendly and I can say after trying a few of them, tasty too 🙂

This will NOT make Keto easy because for the first few weeks, it is NOT easy. Your body will rebel against your cutting off a simple way to get energy by way of carbs. The “key flu” is a real thing although it varies person to person as to the impact. I didn’t get the flu per say, but I was very grumpy to be around for about 2 weeks.  I wont go into a lot of details since this is not a diet site but I’ll say that this app made it very easy to keep track of what I eating and all improvements to my health.  It is worth the few bucks for the premium membership and I don’t often do that. Even now being in a “maintenance” mode of low carb dieting ( under 100 grams a day) I use the app daily to track most aspects of my diet and health. My doctor was impressed when I could pull up 2 months of blood sugar testing and give her the averages, peaks etc along with the BP for the day and so on.

My personal results have been up to now a loss of 20 lbs and a 20 point drop in my blood pressure. My blood sugar is perfectly normal now. I credit my strong motivation and this app for the improvements. Your milage will vary but this app will help.

Get the IOS app here

Get the Android version here

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