Art is where you find it

As part of my new years resolution this year, I promised I would shoot something using whatever camera I had at hand and do so every day if possible. So in my typical fashion (I cant try a new recipe without changing it right away), I decided that I would shoot while commuting and I would use my SD500 point and shoot, my D300 and D70s with a 50mm lens. Now mind you, shooting through the side window and the windscreen is pretty limiting but you know, after a few weeks of this, I really started to see my daily drive in a very different light.

Art is truly where you find it and you can find it in some pretty unusual places while glued to a car seat. It will also force you to consider your post processing workflow where as the image might be “so-so” without any enhancements but with a crop job and some good post work, it’s a keeper image.

If you want to try this, all you need is a camera with a basic lens. Forget using the fancy zoom, you will be trying to do alot of this one handed without getting caught by the local troopers who think texting is the devils own work. Wait till they see you with a big ass DSLR hanging out the window by one hand. So the word of the day is “safety” and you can do this safely. I shoot at lights, I pull over sometimes, I balance the camera on the steering wheel and I use simple equipment. I also keep the ISO up to keep the shutter speed up a bit. I configure the camera to shoot whether or not it thinks the subject is in focus. I use a 1.4 50mm lens or my point and shoot. The 50 is just enough tele to be useful and the P/S has a wonderful wide angle without any troubles of trying to hold it while driving.

I’m posting a few of the before and afters and in a few weeks, I will have a complete PDF available for a download with about 10 of my best images from the past few months of commuting. But for now, enjoy the samples.

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  1. Paul Rowland March 1, 2010 at 5:47 pm #

    The best camera is the one you have with you–I like how you showed some before and after pictures.

  2. Robb Duncan March 3, 2010 at 3:04 pm #

    Love the “blurred” image, especially after a little work. Awesome.

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