Hello, My name is Michael Sweeney and I make visual art from your life events. Let me show you how fantastic you can look when captured by my cameras at your special events like your wedding, girls day out, special life celebrations or just because you want to look sexy. I can shoot a wide range of styles using technology from the 50s (I still shoot real film on demand) to modern digital cameras. I can make you look as retro or as modern as you wish. Just tell me your dream and I can help you get it on film or on a print. I can print anything from a wallet sized print to have your kids with you all the time to the 40x60 canvas wall art and everything in between.

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Why choose Michael Sweeney Media?

Visual Story Telling

Our session is all about your story and how you want to present it to the world


We can present your story in a wide range of physical and electronic media. We can supply it paper, albums, ebooks, slide shows, fusion video and more.


I’m a published author and teacher. Not only do I know and understand my craft, I share it willingly with others who want to know.


I am easy to reach for answers about booking, your session, prints or just to share stories of the day. It will not take months to get your images or albums from my studio.